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Our analysis

Nowadays, many professionals adopt some inappropriate practices to collect and search data, such as using of papers, counterfoil books or Excel spreadsheets.

These practices cause many difficulties: Where may I sort? How can I store my archives? Who has registered this information? When was it recorded? How can I digitise my business specificity?

Our solution

Usine Data is a Web cooperation solution, on which you can easily create your information exchange platform, adapted to your business.

You're not a computing person, this solution is made for you. Create your forms of data, appoint users and configure their writing and/or reading access rights.

Design your custom-made records, reports, requests and professional acts, and if needed, edit them at any time. Go through your database in real time and access to the history.


What can I gain with Usine Data and how can I make a benefit?

  • Save time: optimise process, improve exchanges, avoid re-input.
  • Increase efficiency and competitiveness: involve users, collaborate, improve internal and external communication, exchange in real-time, facilitate mobility, use several supports.
  • Dematerialisation: reduce printing and posting, take out paper handling, reduce processing times, reduce carbon footprint.
  • No installation: take a solution hosted in our servers, outsource computing risks, adapt storage capacity and calculation power to your needs.


We offer a solution hosted in a dedicated server, managed by us.

Take advantage of our services:

  • Commissioning of a dedicated server (no installation required)
  • Hosting of database and attached files
  • Email and phone support
  • Contextual help and demonstration video clips
  • Automatic maintenance and updates


10 users

users 10
storage 100 GB

Per year (excluding VAT)

25 users

users 25
storage 100 GB

Per year (excluding VAT)

50 users

users 50
storage 100 GB

Per year (excluding VAT)

Please, contact us for greater needs.


You are a company or freelance, you are a professional advisor in business and computing systems, and, you want to propose Usine Data to your customers: become a Usine Data partner.

Please, contact us for more information.